On a single note, we are “an adventurer” and “an explorer”, “a manager” and “a communication wizard”, “a nature lover” and “a city lover”. Together we are veritable team when it comes to designing trips and promoting off-the-beaten-track destinations!


We met while writing for viajoa.ro – a Romanian traveling blog for smart travelers, and we grew together for 5 years. We’ve had adventures in caves, canyons and on mountains, here and abroad.  Now we want to discover more of Romania, for our sake and for our guests’ sake.

Gabi SolomonGabi is a “perpetual student of life”. She has been traveling since childhood and she starting writing about her experiences in 2009. She tried Couchsurfing at the beginning of the the community (sleeping on unknown people couches), she tried hitchhiking, scuba, paragliding, canyoning şi explored on her own un-pacified favelas in Rio de Janeiro.

While travelling alone through Brazil, she understood how important is for her to know her history, her country’s identity, symbols and traditions. Now she is back, decided to blow the dust from her heritage and from the dowry received from her mother, grandmother and great-grand mother.

ioana patrascoiuIoana has inherited the travelling itch and the love of stories and storytelling from her parents. She started travelling on her own in 2007 and writes about it since 2010. She’s interested in history, architecture and likes to find the not so obvious routes that get you from A to B (it usually holds more surprises than the beaten path). There is something worthy of seeing even in the smallest of non-touristy towns, if you are curious and open minded.

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