Our international friends from all over the world ask for information about what to see first when they come to Romania.

I would tell them to visit a sheepfold. My grandfather was a shepherd, so I’ve spent my holidays with him in the Parang Mountains. We had electricity, but this was one of the few modern touches of our livelihood at the sheepfold. The ladies would go about the dairy products all day long (skimming the milk, using rennet for making the cheese, cutting the curd, boiling the whey, making butter in the churn) and the men would take care of the sheep, cows, horses and dogs. Sometimes, when they all finished their chores, they would start singing and dancing in the hut. I want to show all my friends the vitality of the simple men and women from the sheepfold and the joy of their traditional “hora”.

Sheepfold My Secret Romania

I would tell them to see a Romanian traditional wedding: the costumes, the traditions, the three days celebration that gathers all the villagers.

Some have already been here, but they were unable to discover by themselves the places that still live following old rituals, where symbols and traditions are still strong and the nature is unspoilt.

This is why we thought about project that will unravel hidden treasures of our country to our national and international friends.

We want:

  • to inspire you with stories about known and unknown destinations and experiences
  • to help you “organise” through articles that contain specific and up to date information
  • to take you with us :)

You may say that the authenticity of these special places will disappear if we share their secret on the Internet. We intend to promote sustainable travel and practices that don’t destroy the natural and traditional of the areas that we visit.

My Secret Romania will be full of images and stories from an unknown Romania, one that we discover together!