“Garlic themed” culinary workshop

Traditional stories: ♥♥♥

Traditional venue: ♥

Local food: ♥♥♥

Bucharest (Supapa Bistro)

Recommended duration: 3 – 4 hours

Available: All year long

Garlic is a must have in every Romanian household, since it serves so many purposes: you can put it in the food, use it for small magical practices and to ward off vampires. Are vampires real? We don’t know, but garlic sure is. Part storytelling, part (food) tasting, this workshop takes you into the wonderful yet smelly world of the garlic. Hope you will love it as much as we do!

Garlic workshop


Glimpses of the workshop: 

  • Supapa Bistro – a cosy place where the owners cook responsible (zero waste policy) using local ingredients with the best taste (from farmers and peasants) and promoting local breweries and wineries for their bar.
  • Garlic – the ingredient – starting from 5000 B.C. garlic was used as a ritual plant in Egypt (during mummification rituals) and China and then it started becoming an ingredient in food. We follow garlic as an ingredient from this ancient time until now, tasting different dishes that contain garlic.
  • Garlic – the magical plant – Romanian mothers and grandmothers used to give garlic magical and ritual powers. We will talk about the magical creatures that used to haunt the households(“moroi“, “strigoi” and of, course, vampires) and how they were kept at a safe distance
  • Vampires – between myth and legend – The term vampire was popularised in the West in the early 19th century, after an influx of vampire superstition into Western Europe from areas where vampire legends were frequent, such as the Balkans and Eastern Europe. Local variants were also known by different names, such as shtriga in Albania, vrykolakas in Greece and strigoi in Romania. We will talk about the legend of Dracula, about Vlad the Impaler and about their connection to garlic and our culture.
  • Food – our hosts are taking traditional ingredients and give them a modern touch. We will be serving three courses, each with a story and a taint of garlic. Delicious, they say.


Garlic tour_MSR

Services included in the package:

  • English speaking authorized guide
  • transportation from your hotel by minivan (9 seated places; air conditioning available) or coach
  • all parking fees and fuel
  • full meal (first course, second course, third course, water).

Services not included in the package: Additional drinks at lunch/dinner.

Activity level: easy

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