Foods and crafts. Worlds meeting in Tara Fagarasului

Traditional crafts: ♥♥♥

Traditional venue: ♥♥♥

Local food: ♥♥♥

Bucharest – Mandra – Fagaras  – Cincsor – Avrig–Bucharest

Recommended duration: 2 days

Available: All year long,

In Sounthern Transylvania, just below the Saxon region but above the highest mountains in Romania, Fagaras Mountains, there is this strip of land called Tara Fagarasului (The Land of Fagaras). Here, geographically, you’re in Transylvania; but the feeling is a little bit different. The atmosphere is Romanian: the traditions, the traditional attire, the beliefs, the food. Cross the river Olt, in the village of Sona, and you can feel that everything changed, that you’re in a different world, a Saxon one.

In our weekend our mission is to explore both worlds and both sides of the river Olt. To see how these worlds coexisted, how they mixed, how are they getting along today.


Glimpses & stops from the itinerary:

  • The Museum of Cloth and Stories from Mandra – a place where children learn by doing the symbols from the traditional attire, their meaning, the value of a traditional blouse. The workshops are hosted by local 60 -80 year old women, who still know how to weave and who hope to pass on this craft
  • The House from Sona, a private house, belonging to the Giurgiu family, who wanted to buy and restore a traditional house in order to set an example in the preservations of local architecture and memory. The house is like a private museum, a place to feed your eyes and soul with how a traditional southern Transylvanian Saxon house looked like for centuries
  • Dinner at Casa Terra, one of the best restaurants in Transylvania. Dana Graura, the gourme traditional master chef, is reknowned for taking traditional ingrendients and giving them a moderns touch. If you heard about the Romanian polenta with cheese and sour cream, served as a main dish, here you will find polenta with a touch of plum gem, served as a desert. Delicious, they say.
  • A full view of the Fagaras mountains as seen from the Fagaras citadel, declared one of the most beautiful castles in the world
  • A stroll through the French Gardens of the Avrig Palace. Once called “Transylvania´s Garden of Eden”, this baroque estate was built in the end of the 18th century by governor Samuel von Brukenthal.
  • A visit at the Cincsor Guesthouse, an old Saxon school transformed in a place for travellers who are looking for that old Saxon atmosphere.

Program also includes:

  • eating in local guesthouses, places where the food is organic and homemade
  • sleeping in places that honor the multicultural heritage of Transylvania
  • workshops where one will understand a bit more about the symbols that guided the peasant’s life

Services included in the package:

  • English speaking authorized guide
  • transportation by minivan (9 seated places; air conditioning available) or coach
  • accomodation
  • all parking fees and fuel
  • entrance fees
  • workshop at Mandra
  • dinner and lunch menu (first course, second course, desert, one small bottle of water). One of our meals will be prepared in a traditional household, the rest are at restaurants and guesthouses

There are several stops for rest rooms during the tour.

Services not included in the package: Additional drinks at lunch/dinner.

Activity level: easy – moderate

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